One Hour Consumer ChinaCLICK HERE to buy the One Hour China Consumer book – for $4.99

CLICK HERE to buy the One Hour China book – also for $4.99 (the same prices as a latte)

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We have both been doing emerging market business for decades. Jonathan at McKinsey and Jeff in private deals (and as an advisor to a Saudi prince).

We have written two “speed-read” China business books.

  • The One Hour China Book – now a bestseller for over 14 months
  • The One Hour China Consumer Book – just released and also a bestseller

In each book, we have tried to boil a big subject down to its most important points. If you asked us what you should know about China or Chinese consumers today – and gave us your undivided attention for one hour, these short books are what we would say.

We hope you find them helpful. Thanks and please sign up for our blog on the right.


Jonathan Woetzel and Jeffrey Towson



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