照片 13-10-16 下午12 05 41.small“One hour with this book will make you an expert on business in China.”

– Dick Gephardt, Majority-Minority Leader, U.S. House of Representatives, 1989-2002


“For most people, the intellectual return on time spent reading this book is almost unrivaled.” – Value Walk


“This book simplifies China in a very elegant and smart way. These distinguished authors tell you clearly what you most need to know right now.”

– James McGregor, author of One Billion Customers: Lessons from the Front Lines of Doing Business in China


“The One Hour China Book offers an even-handed and well-illustrated insight into the seemingly chaotic and often self-contradictory China prospects in a pleasantly easy read.”

– Rui-Gang Li, Chairman, China Media Capital


“Without question the best 60 minutes you will spend on China.”

– Jonathan Anderson, Emerging Markets Advisors


“The superlatives typically used to describe China’s economic rise over the past two decades fail to do justice to its historic significance. In their refreshing speed-read of a book, Jonathan Woetzel and Jeffrey Towson take a simpler approach and let the facts speak for themselves. In doing so they capture, clearly and concisely, the magnitude of China’s transformation.”

– Tom Mitchell, Beijing Correspondent, Financial Times


“I heartily recommend this volume. It succinctly describes the six megatrends reshaping Chinese society today and does so in an engaging and thoroughly enjoyable fashion. As a faculty member who also likes to tackle huge subjects and distill them to their essence, I congratulate the two authors for their effort. The book makes for essential reading on your next trip to China.”

– Lawton Robert Burns, Ph.D., James Joo-Jin Kim Professor; Chair, Health Care Management Department; Director, Wharton Center for Health Management and Economics; University of Pennsylvania


“The authors, fully aware of the challenge of their conceit, educate and entertain the uninitiated about what makes modern China tick with both wit and charm.”

– Leo Chu, Creator/Executive Producer, “Supah Ninjas” & “Afro Samurai”


“This beguiling book manages to boil an enormous amount of complexity down into a fully digestible capsule compendium that is centered around a series of “mega-trends” that are exemplified by actual Chinese entrepreneurs and their concrete businesses. As such, it is both a very accessible and fascinating tour of contemporary Chinese business, and of China itself.”

– Orville Schell, Arthur Ross Director, Center on US-China Relations, Asia Society, New York City and co-author of “Wealth and Power: China’s Long March to the 21st Century.”


“Anyone on the planet who has any hesitation about the importance of establishing a foothold in China should read this book….the six China mega-trends that Jonathan and Jeffrey so thoughtfully describe have forever changed the global playing field….there is no denying that the world has become one massive marketplace and the commercial implications are fascinating and seemingly endless.”

– Karen D. Seitz, Founder and Managing Director, Fusion Partners


“If you’re trying to find that secret decoder ring to the biggest business trends in China, this book is the authoritative guide you’ve been looking for.”

– Peilin Chou, Former Creative Executive, Walt Disney Feature Animation


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